Pretty blog posts, please.

Your blog post should be organized and presented well.

Here are some tips, that find very helpful.


      Use jump breaks. The highlighted cut paper icon in your blog post editor allows the post to show a short summary on the main page, then when the reader clicks READ MORE, the full post is shown. It simplifies the main page, and allows for less space used by long blog posts.

2.       Use window live writer. It’s a free program that can be used with any blog. Simply download it and log in using your password. This allows for editing your pictures and posts easier rather than using the blogger editor.

3.       Make your pictures as big as possible, especially if you are doing crafts or recipes. This visually attracts the reader even before they get to the text. Live writer makes this much easier in my opinion.

4.       Don’t oversize your photos. Keep them big, beautiful, but in your allowed space. You don’t want any images cut off.

5.       Always preview the posts, then publish, then look at it live. Many times blogger plays with alignment and it will appear different live than it did with the preview. Its just a known bug or fact, but once you are aware, keep checking your posts. There is nothing worse than doing a huge post for an event, publishing it thinking its all perfect, then realize nothing is aligned properly. Epic fail.
(shh, don't tell, I didn't use live writer and the alignment sucks)