Things have been jammed packed around here since vacation. I apologize to those waiting on me to finish up their designs. Since returning from vacation, I have started a full time work outside the home job, which will take some time away from designing. Have no fear, I am still designing, just not everyday and with the quick results that you are use to seeing from me. It will take me longer, as I have fewer days off devoted to designing, but it will not hinder the process or the quality of my work. I just ask for your patience, you probably won’t get your design done within a week like you use to be able to, it might take up to two weeks to fully complete the design process. This is typical in the industry which is good since I don’t feel like I am really doing anything out of the ordinary. I just loved how fast I WAS able to muscle thru things.


Also you will notice new scenery around here. I have had this design ready to go for awhile but felt it was time to revamp it. I was getting bored with the ole fuchsia stuff. The new logo should be done soon so that will be the last change on here for awhile.


Thank you for your understanding and your loyalty! PIP Designs could never exist without you!!