Blogger, thanks you’re a jerk!


As many of you know, Blogger was out for almost 2 days, why I have no idea. All I do know is that is has deleted everything I did yesterday. My design work which took the whole day (it was almost done) and my personal blog post which hey its really not that big deal since only a handful of people read it.

Clients have been saying they’ve lost hundreds of comments etc. and I apologize I have no fix or answer for them. I am not sure if they will come back, or when.

So, I’ll be here designing what I did yesterday, while drowning my sorrow in water. Yeah, the good stuff I would normally drink to wash away my woes isn’t on my diet. Pray for me. lol…


This will delay things, but I hope that it doesn’t set me back too much. I appreciate all your patience, trust and understanding. Thanks for being great clients/followers.