All new!

You’ll notice things have changed, once again, around here. I think I have finally found my business identity and I love love love how this turned out. I was tired of having a crown as my brand, I wanted something more, something more me. That’s what this site represents, ME and my designs!


Also, I have started to add premade template designs. I only have one available as of now, but I look to be adding more in the next couple of days.


The order form now includes payment. Once you hit submit, you will be redirected to paypal to pay right away. This eliminates time wasted waiting for me to send you an invoice. My paypal info is already entered so there should be no confusion.


I also had to add a paypal fee and a hosting fee to all designs. This was not by my choice, but the constant increases in fees, I had to try to recover some of my losses. The total fees added to new design projects are $7.00.


I am thinking of doing a Mother’s Day giveaway. Details will be coming in the next few days. I do have a giveaway going on right now on Facebook. Head over to MBG’s facebook fan page, go to the 4k giveaways album, and you will see my contribution amongst the photos.