Welcome to Our Princess in PigTails Designs, formally known as Blog Makeovers by Tara. 

I have recently changed the look of things around here and have expanded my design business to include other creations than just blogs.

If you are looking for a custom design product without emptying your savings account, you have come to the right place. I believe in creating a unique product and experience without charging an outrageous price. I believe my packages and prices are very fair in price, but very extraordinary in design. I offer the following products:
  • Blogger designs
  • Etsy banners, avatars
  • Twitter backgrounds
  • Facebook landing pages
  • Facebook Cover images
  • Invitations and cards
  • Business cards
  • Business logos
  • Business ads

At this time, I am only designing blogs for the BLOGGER platform. I hope to add Wordpress designs in the future but as of right now they are not being offered. Feel free to contact me via email or through the contact me tab in the navigation area. I will get back with you within 24 hrs of your inquiry.