Once you have recieved your file digitally, you are not required to give me proper credit unless you would like to. If you are posting it somewhere, I would ask that you give me proper credit but not expect it. If you have purchased a blog design, you agree to keep my button and credits ( the designer and kit used on your blog) until you uninstall the blog template. Feel free to move the objects around, just as long as they appear on your blog we are fine.

Payments are to be made via PayPal vball.chic14@gmail.com

An upfront payment is required and must be made within 5 days of you submitting the order to me OR I will email you an invoice within 2 business day after receiving the order. Payments that have not been received within the time frame will void the transaction.


In the portfolio section of the blog, you will find the works I have created. Headers from blog makeovers will be shown here as well. If you have had something made by me, then I will post it in the portfolio section unless requested by you not to do so.

Sidebar Information
I suggest you back up your template before going through with the makeover. Sidebar information should not be lost but things do happen from time to time. I will try and back up any information that I feel might be lost. However, as the blog owner, this responsibility is yours.

No Modifications
After installation of your blog, no modifications to my templates, designs, or coding will be made without my written consent. Moving things around do not count.

There are free revisions (within reason) included in the price of your blog makeover. If these revisions become excessive, there will be charges incurred as a result of my time and effort. If there are updates and changes you would like made after the inital installation or delivery of your file, you will be charged a fee. See MISC.

If you are not satisfied with your blog makeover experience, please contact me first instead of splattering my name all over the internet. I am an easy and reasonable person to work with and we will come to an agreement about the transaction.

I will not keep the files and code (if applicable) unless you pay for the file cabinet fee. I can not keep all the files without breaking my external hard drive and wallet. See MISC.