Ordering Instructions

In order to ensure an effective and efficient ordering process, please follow these ordering instructions.

1. Select your package/price.

Basic- $100 (background, header, simple navigation bar, custom template with fonts/colors, grab button)
Social- $135 (basic, plus social media icons that link to your social media sites, social media icons at end of posts, upgrade the navigation bar to drop down menus)
Animated- $115 (social, plus animated button and animated signature)
Photo-$140 (social, plus flash slideshow header, custom footer columns)
Maintenance package- ask for details
Payment plan available- ask for details

2. Email me to request a blog information form.

3. Fill out the email and send it back. Once I have received this, I will send you an invoice.

4. Pay then the work will begin.

After payment has been received, I will begin working on your blog. It usually takes me 2-3 weeks per blog to complete. I will not need to access your blog account right away, that will take place at the very end when things are ready to be installed. I will send you an email saying installation is taking place and at this point I will be accessing your blogger account. The time for installation usually takes 1 hr or so and at this time I would ask that you NOT access your blog or make changes to it. I will email you when the installation has taken place and it is okay for you to access your blog again. Once it has been installed, please take a close look at anything and submit your revisions to me via email. I will allow for a free revisions (with up to a reasonable limit determined by me) which is included in the original cost. If revisions become excessive, charging for my time and efforts will occur.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at